Meckley's Limestone Products, Inc.

Meckley's Limestone Products, Inc.
located in Herndon, PA is seeking applications for the following position:
Mobile Equipment Maintenance Manager
Candidate must have expertise in all things related to repair of mobile equipment. Prior experience working on heavy construction equipment or CDL trucks is required and supervisory experience is preferred.
Meckley's Limestone offers a full benefits package with medical, dental, vision, disability and a 401(k) plan. EOE. Apply in person or mail, fax or e-mail resumes by December 31 to:
MAIL: PO Box 503
Herndon, PA 17830
FAX: (570) 758-2400

Check availability with the advertiser as the information and offers in this ad may be time-sensitive.

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Meckley’s Limestone Products, Inc.

PO Box 503

Herndon PA, 17830

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